Who We Are

A global award-winning solution

Addendum provides financial technology solutions to companies and funders and aims to become the benchmark for best execution in our targeted markets.

Our fintech solutions are capable of unlocking capital and funding for businesses of all sizes. We have designed real-time, online solutions that make markets transparent and products simple and seamless to execute.

Where others saw a barricaded, antiquated machine, we saw possibility.

With transparency, convenience and choice as founding principles, Addendum puts you in charge. We believe that a small change to your business strategy – an addendum – can open a world of potential for your business.

Please contact us for more information about how we can unlock value for your business.

Meet the Team

Willem le Roux

Co-Founder & CEO


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Willem, CEO and co-founder of Addendum, started his career at Capital One in Virginia, USA and has extensive experience in the banking and finance sector.

Upon returning to South Africa, he joined Nedbank to set credit policy for the American Express card division. Willem started the company that eventually became Propell Sectional Title Solution in 2005. PSG was an early investor.

In 2014, Willem co-founded Propell Financial Technologies, which was later rebranded as Addendum.

Willem holds a B.Com Maths degree from the University of Stellenbosch.

“Details matter.”

Emuel Schoeman

Co-Founder & Managing Director


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In 2014, Emuel co-founded Propell Financial Technologies, which was later rebranded as Addendum. Emuel has since grown the business to become a multiple, global award-winning business.

After spending 9 years in new business development for Morgan Stanley in London and New York, Emuel decided to move back to South Africa and pursue a life-long dream of building a new business, but more importantly, making a meaningful impact and offering something unique.

Emuel is a qualified chartered accountant, member of SAICA, a CFA charter holder and has a passion for helping businesses.

“I am proud to see how passionate the Addendum team is about this business. They are making a real difference to hundreds of businesses every day. Happy clients, global awards and dozens of client testimonials bear testimony to their passion.”

Ian Norden

Executive Director

Head of Funding Solutions

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Executive Director, Ian, joined Addendum to start the Funding Solutions division in 2017.

Ian began his career as a healthcare actuarial consultant before moving into investment banking. Prior to joining Addendum, he spent almost 10 years at Macquarie Bank where he was responsible for the structured finance desk. Ian has significant experience across a range of client solutions including structured lending, preference share funding, BEE funding and structured derivatives. Ian’s combination of technical skills and market experience leaves him well equipped to distil seemingly complicated client needs into simple and cost-effective solutions.

Ian received a BSc (Hons) degree from the University of Cape Town, a Masters in Finance from INSEAD Business School and is a qualified actuary.

“Our electronic solutions often save clients days or weeks at a time, but what I love most about working with the team at Addendum is that we are still a little obsessed with saving those last few minutes too. If something can be done in two clicks and not three…great. In fact, we’re all trying to get it down to one.”

Trevor Rolfe

Head of Origination

Funding Solutions

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Trevor has over 20 years of Investment Banking experience and is the Head of Origination for Funding Solutions.

Trevor joined Addendum in January 2019 from Investec Bank where he focused on originating, structuring and advising on debt products. Trevor’s experience includes all aspects of corporate finance advisory in the UK and South Africa, private equity transactions and debt capital markets.

Trevor received a B.Com (Hons) degree and a PGDA from the University of Cape Town and is a qualified chartered accountant and member of SAICA.

“Our aim is to give our users a simple, easy-to-use way of accessing funding at a fraction of the cost of alternative methods. In everything we develop and enhance, our team strives to make the lives of our users a little less complicated and the process more transparent.”

Heinrich Pretorius

Head of Selective Receivables Finance


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Heinrich joined Addendum in March 2020 as Head of Selective Receivables Finance. He is also the Business Lead for Addendum’s Working Capital division in Johannesburg.

Heinrich began his career as an article clerk at KPMG and in 2012, after 16 years, left the firm as Associate Director. He joined ArcelorMittal as the Group Manager for Finance Projects but quickly transitioned into the Group Manager Treasurer position. As Group Treasurer, he was responsible for implementing highly successful working capital solutions, which included one of the largest supply chain finance programmes in Africa as well as a large-scale selective receivables programme.

Heinrich holds a B.Compt (Hons) degree from UNISA, is a qualified chartered accountant and a member of SAICA.

“Our team’s purpose is to utilise our practical and commercial experience in working capital solutions to the benefit of our clients.”

Sarie van der Merwe



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Sarie has almost 20 years of legal and banking experience and is Addendum’s in-house legal advisor.

She started her career as a public prosecutor, completed her articles at Fairbridges Inc. and practised as an attorney at the same firm, after which she gained private banking experience at Investec and spent 8 years in the legal team at FNB Business. She joined Addendum in 2016.

Sarie holds a BA LLB from Stellenbosch University and an International Legal Studies Certificate from the University of Antwerp. She is an admitted attorney.

“You can start changing our world for the better daily, no matter how small the action.” – Nelson Mandela

Solene Joubert

Head of Product & Operations

Supply Chain Finance

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Solene joined Addendum in September 2018 and is the Head of Product and Operations for Supply Chain Finance. In addition to managing the operations team, she also specialises in supply chain finance programme implementation.

Solene has over 18 years’ experience in finance, including 10 years’ experience in global project management. At British American Tobacco (BAT), she was involved in the operating model transformation project where she headed up and designed the global back office process that was deployed throughout Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Prior to joining Addendum, Solene was the project manager who implemented Distell’s successful supply chain finance programme.

Solene holds a B.Com (Hons) Management Accounting degree from UNISA.

“Addendum enables an enormous positive impact on working capital for our clients (buyers, suppliers and funders). With excellent service delivery as the cornerstone, the Addendum team will ensure your experience is a positive one.”

Luca Sabbatini

Client Relations Manager

Supply Chain Finance

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Luca joined Addendum in January 2019 and is a Client Relations Manager for Supply Chain Finance.

Luca has over 7 years of working capital experience. His knowledge and expertise include originating and structuring financial analysis and negotiation. Luca has a vast range of experience working with banks and fintech companies such as Bidvest, Invotec and Tradeflow.
Prior to joining Addendum, Luca was part of the credit team at Investec For Business.

Luca holds a B.Com Financial Management degree from UNISA.

“Addendum’s global award-winning supply chain finance solution enables buyers and suppliers to improve their working capital position. Our client-centric approach in conjunction with our financial and tech expertise ensures that we are well suited to offer valuable solutions to our clients.”

Tokelo Matlou

Client Relations Manager

Supply Chain Finance

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Tokelo joined Addendum in 2017 and is a Client Relations Manager for Supply Chain Finance.

Over the years, Tokelo has been responsible for buyer, supplier and funder engagements, ensuring that Addendum’s stakeholders derive value from its solutions. He has been involved in structuring a myriad of transactions with various counterparties in multiple jurisdictions and in multiple currencies.

“Addendum offers one the opportunity to add meaningful impact to buyers and suppliers through supply chain finance. Our value lies in creating win-win-win scenarios for our clients, which seldom happens in life.”

Ilze Coetsee



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Ilze joined Addendum in October 2019 as the Product and Implementation Manager for Supply Chain Finance and Selective Receivables Finance.

After completing her SAICA articles at Deloitte, Ilze joined ArcelorMittal South Africa as part of the statutory reporting team, moving to the treasury team shortly thereafter. Ilze’s experience includes the implementation of various working capital solutions such as successful supply chain finance and selective receivables programmes.

Ilze holds a B.Com (Hons) degree from NWU, is a qualified chartered accountant and a member of SAICA.

“Addendum is a solutions-driven company, always thinking out of the box, to the benefit of our clients.”

Izél Frick

Financial Manager


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Izél joined Addendum in 2018 as Financial Manager.

Izél completed her SAICA articles at Ernst & Young and was appointed as audit manager at the same firm. After 9 years in the audit industry, gaining experience in various sectors, Izél decided to exchange the corporate environment for the exciting and innovative Addendum team.

Izél holds a B.Acc (Hons) degree from Stellenbosch University and is a qualified chartered accountant and member of SAICA.

“At Addendum, we work together tirelessly to achieve our clients’ goals and exceed their expectations.”


Addendum provides supply chain finance and funding solutions to companies and funders in Africa. Please contact us for more information about how we can unlock value for your business.