Selective Receivables Finance

Liquidate your debtors’ invoices and free up working capital at the click of a button?

Consider it possible.

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Selectively sell off debtor invoices to increase company cash flow.

Through Addendum’s Selective Receivables Finance, companies dealing in services and goods are able to unlock valuable cash trapped in as yet unpaid invoices, thereby self-funding growth. They can now sell some or all these invoices to a funder for early payment, at a small fee, through the click of a button. Using Addendum’s world-class and state-of-the-art software technology, companies can selectively sell their invoices for early payment well before the actual due date and, in most cases, without any involvement from their customers.

Critically, this is not debt, this is off balance sheet funding and it is not traditional factoring, as it is not a bank facility secured against a company’s whole receivables book.

The end result is a true sale of receivables to a funder and fresh working capital for a company. Addendum’s platform can be linked to a company’s ERP system to handle all transactions seamlessly and automatically across multiple customers, countries and currencies.

Our solution is perfectly suited for funders looking to automate existing receivables’ finance offerings. The platform is extremely versatile and can handle all receivables’ finance structures while increasing efficiency and reducing risk.

Selective Receivables Benefits

Seller Benefits

  • On-demand liquidity
  • Quick, simple, automated and seamless integration
  • Competitive rates based on client’s credit rating
  • SRF is a Seller-driven process:
    • Seller uploads and trades invoice
    • Paperless
    • No involvement from customers required
  • Depending on the SRF legal agreement, this solution is:
    • On a non-recourse basis for the Seller (except for performance and fraud)
    • Off-balance sheet funding as it is a true sale (↑ cash; ↓ debtors)

Funder Benefits

  • Get access to new customers over a world-class, ready-to-use receivables finance solution
  • Leverage Addendum’s platform and footprint for an efficient and faster go-to-market receivables finance strategy
  • Collaborate with an experienced partner – Addendum – who can help you to implement successful receivables finance programs
  • Choose Addendum as your technology and implementation partner of choice for receivables finance

Seller and Funder Benefits:

  • World-class platform with a proven track record
  • Easy implementation and fast to market
  • Streamlined process for purchasing and selling receivables
  • Reduce risk through advanced data checks, platform functionality and audit trails
  • Significant time-saving as compared to manual processing
  • Addendum provides all necessary training
  • Ongoing support through Addendum’s dedicated operations team


About Addendum

Addendum provides Supply Chain Finance and Funding Solutions to companies and funders in Africa. Our fintech solutions are capable of unlocking capital and funding for businesses of all sizes. We have designed real-time, online solutions that make markets transparent and products simple and seamless to execute.

Where others saw a barricaded, antiquated machine, we saw possibility. With transparency, convenience and choice as founding principles, Addendum puts you in charge. We believe that a small change to your business strategy – an addendum – can open a world of potential for your business.

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