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The most efficient way for your company to unlock capital tied up in it’s supply chain.

Addendum has helped customers free up billions of dollars in working capital, strengthening supply chains and improving supplier relationships. Across the continent, Addendum is the partner of choice for African banks.

Beyond some of the largest banks, we service hundreds of supply chain finance customers. Our innovative, award-winning solution, extensive experience and a constant drive to be the best push our business forward with one goal: to put you in charge. A small shift in your strategy – an addendum – can have a massive impact on your business and open up a world of potential.

A solution where everyone wins?
Consider it possible.

Buyer Benefits

  • Leverage Addendum’s extensive experience to improve working capital without accruing new debt
  • Offer unutilised funding lines to suppliers
  • Optimise supplier payment terms by leveraging Addendum’s market leading benchmarking and supply chain spend analysis
  • Forge stronger supply chains
  • Improve supplier relationships
  • Improve profit margins by reducing cost of goods sold or boosting the yield on surplus cash
  • Flexibility to utilise the most efficient invoice financing solution in the market

Supplier Benefits

  • Get real-time, online access to your client’s funding lines and interest rate
  • Improve working capital without accruing new debt
  • Lower funding costs and improve profits
  • Remove financial constraints to growth
  • Eliminate the risk of buyer default
  • Strengthen your balance sheet and improve covenants

Funder Benefits

  • Get access to new customers over a world-class, ready-to-use supply chain finance solution
  • Leverage Addendum’s platform and footprint for an efficient and faster go-to-market supply chain finance strategy
  • Collaborate with an experienced partner – Addendum – who can help you to implement successful supply chain finance programs
  • Choose Addendum as your technology and implementation partner of choice for supply chain finance
Our Supply Chain Finance program has won the following awards


2022 Category Winner:
Technology & Telecom
Best Working Capital Funding Solution


2020 Category Winner:
Manufacturing & Industrial


2019 Category Winner:
FMCG – Food and Beverage


2018 Category Winner:
Retail and Apparel


2016 Category Winner:
Manufacturing and Industrial


How do I apply and get approved for my client’s supply chain finance program?
Suppliers who are approved by their client are not required to apply or go through any additional approval process.
What documents do I need to submit?
There’s no paperwork required. Our platform is entirely cloud-based with a simple registration and onboarding process.
Will this negatively impact how my buyer(s) views my business (cash strapped etc)?
Buyers implement a Supply Chain Finance program to strengthen the financial health of their suppliers. More often than not, they encourage suppliers to “leverage” their Balance Sheets and get access to lower funding rates.
How do I upload an invoice to your system?
Unlike “plain vanilla” invoice discounting, Supply Chain Finance is buyer-driven. This means your buyer uploads your approved invoices onto the Addendum platform.
When can I sell an invoice?
You may elect to sell an invoice once it becomes available on the platform. You can choose to sell one invoice, multiple invoices, or consolidate all invoices in the platform.
How long does it take for the invoices to reflect on Addendum’s portal?
Invoices are processed and approved as quickly as possible by the Buyer to ensure you can sell your invoices as quickly as possible to receive a working capital benefit. Addendum’s portal enables improved visibility into all your approved Buyer invoices.
How much funding do I receive?
You can sell 100% of the invoice value + VAT. You receive the invoice amount net of the fee.
How is the interest calculated?
The interest costs are based on your buyer’s cost of funding, and the number of days one is discounting for. Rates on the Addendum platform currently vary between Prime-2.5% and Prime.
Do I need to provide security/collateral to use the Supply Chain Finance platform?
No security or collateral is required. Supply Chain Finance enables you an off-balance sheet working capital solution.
Will I be penalized if I stop using the Supply Chain Finance platform?
No. The Supply Chain Finance platform offers multiple operational and financial benefits, however, it is optional. You are in complete control as to when and how often you would like to sell your invoices.
What’s the difference between this and a settlement discount?
Early settlement discounts are typical negotiated between a buyer and a supplier. The “discount” that’s paid on the Addendum platform is actually interest as you will be selling invoices to one of our banking partners.
Can I add different roles or permissions for different users in my company?
100%, you can create roles that allow some people to either just view invoices, some to trade invoices and others to merely run reports.
What happens if I don’t trade an invoice?
If you don’t trade an invoice, then you won’t be charged any interest and will receive the full value of your invoice at maturity.
Any other charges?
Unlike other financing facilities, there are NO usage or facility fees when it comes to SCF. One only pays if/when they trade an invoice.
How does the invoice approval process change with the new system?
Nothing changes regarding the current receiving and invoice approval process. You continue to submit all invoices and supporting documentation through the normal channel. All invoices approved by the Buyer will be available on the Addendum platform for you to view and sell.
How do I sign up?
The Addendum team will provide you with a registration link to commence the process. The self-service portal and Addendum team will guide you through a seamless onboarding journey.


About Addendum

Addendum provides Supply Chain Finance and Funding Solutions to companies and funders in Africa. Our fintech solutions are capable of unlocking capital and funding for businesses of all sizes. We have designed real-time, online solutions that make markets transparent and products simple and seamless to execute.

Where others saw a barricaded, antiquated machine, we saw possibility. With transparency, convenience and choice as founding principles, Addendum puts you in charge. We believe that a small change to your business strategy – an addendum – can open a world of potential for your business.

Please contact us for more information about how we can unlock value for your business.