How corporates’ access to capital is being revolutionised by one of Africa’s leading fintech companies, Addendum

May 3, 2021 | Blog, Working Capital

One of Africa’s leading fintech companies, Addendum, is changing the corporate borrowing landscape. The rapid growth of fintech across South Africa has led to the disruption of traditional systems, and companies like Addendum are leading the charge towards a new way of funding. South Africa currently ranks third for future growth, behind China and India, and boasts the highest number of technology hubs in the whole of Africa. The innovation and disruption being shown in the fintech space in SA by companies like Addendum has given corporations a new way to access the debt capital that they need, without having to consider only traditional banking routes. Let’s take a look at how fintech is shaping corporate lending in South Africa, and why Addendum is a front runner in this space. 

The COVID effect

The pandemic brought about a huge change in the world amongst many industries, particularly the financial space, as the “digital culture” has become more solidified into society. Fintech is shaping the way forward as the economic landscape in the world is changing swiftly and companies need to adapt to the shift. FinTech magazine has forecast that the financial technology sector will be “critical to the recovery” of many countries across Africa from the devastation of the pandemic. Stats show that South Africa is leading the way amongst fintech companies in Africa, having raised R1.6bn in investments in the first quarter of 2020.  Dalene Deale, a financial services director at TransUnion Africa said, “South Africa’s Fintech start-ups represent a new era of financial services, with characteristics that separate them from established lenders. They’re not only bringing new products, services and channels to the table, they’re also creating value with differentiated consumer experiences, and empowering the consumer by providing frictionless, multi-channel financial access.”

Digital transformation

The digital transformation of financial services in South Africa is happening even faster as a result of the pandemic, which has forced more companies to delve into the online space. Things like cryptocurrencies, contactless and mobile payment methods, digital banking and even digital investment platforms have risen to new heights over the last year. With more people working from home, companies have not been able to conduct traditional face to face debt roadshows in order to raise debt funding. A large part of staying relevant right now revolves around going digital and making sure that your message is readily available online. As the world shifts further towards digital money systems, companies that are in the digital space are poised to appeal to the new way of doing things, and fintech is becoming an exciting arena for digital developments. Addendum has been at the forefront of this in the fintech space, with a diverse range of funders available online via their sleek and easy-to-use Funding Solutions platform. Addendum’s innovative and multi-award winning solutions aim to transform corporates’ cash flow and facilitate debt funding in an efficient way. The latter of which is done on their advanced proprietary Funding Solutions platform which brings corporates and funders together to facilitate debt funding solutions. 

Why choose the Funding Solutions Platform from Addendum?

Addendum’s solutions are aimed at helping corporates become more efficient, leaving leaders with more time to focus on the rest of the business. Johan Portwig, Treasurer at Netcare, had this to say about how easy the Addendum funding platform is to use, “This was smooth sailing. Well done to your team for developing such an easy-to-use funding platform. It can’t get any easier for a borrower to raise funds. We will definitely keep using this in future.”

Essentially, Addendum provides an easy-to-use funding platform for counterparties looking to be brought together in the debt capital markets. Here’s what sets Addendum apart and makes them a great solution for corporates: 

  • When it comes to funding sources, Addendum has a broad network of funders with which they will put corporates in contact. Having a diversified source of funding means that corporates have a better chance of getting the funding they require, and funders compete on pricing. Thanks to the innovative Addendum platform, corporates can review all the tailored pricing options from each funder in one place.


  • Raising funding with Addendum is both easy and quick, thanks to the smooth online processes that the leading fintech company has developed. Addendum saves you time with features like their standardised agreements and powerful reporting tools.
  • Corporates can get access to untapped funding sources through Addendum’s broad network of funders, and are put in touch with funders directly. This means that there is no middle-man, which saves both time and energy for corporates that can be better utilised focussing on other areas of the business.


  • Addendum provides standardised legal agreements, with the ability to adapt to deal-specific requirements. This makes the process easier and quicker for corporates and negotiations are simplified, in a secure and confidential way.


  • The process is completely transparent on the Addendum platform, which serves to build trust between corporates and funders. However, while transparency is of utmost importance for funders and corporates, the process is still discreet and seamless. 
  • The cost of borrowing is minimised with corporates only paying when they borrow. There are no hidden fees or commitment fees and everything is clearly and concisely displayed on the platform. 

Trevor Rolfe Head of Origination Funding Solutions explains, “At Addendum we strive to provide our corporate users with an easy way to access debt funding without all the red tape and costs often associated with the debt capital markets”. 

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