Supply Chain Finance Explained

The most efficient way for your company to unlock capital tied up in it’s supply chain.

Addendum has helped customers free up billions of dollars in working capital, strengthening supply chains and improving supplier relationships. Across the continent, Addendum is the partner of choice for African banks.

Beyond some of the largest banks, we service hundreds of supply chain finance customers. Our innovative, award-winning solution, extensive experience and a constant drive to be the best push our business forward with one goal: to put you in charge. A small shift in your strategy – an addendum – can have a massive impact on your business and open up a world of potential.

A solution where everyone wins?
Consider it possible.


Buyer Benefits

  • Leverage Addendum’s extensive experience to improve working capital without accruing new debt
  • Offer unutilised funding lines to suppliers
  • Optimise supplier payment terms by leveraging Addendum’s market leading benchmarking and supply chain spend analysis
  • Forge stronger supply chains
  • Improve supplier relationships
  • Improve profit margins by reducing cost of goods sold or boosting the yield on surplus cash
  • Flexibility to utilise the most efficient invoice financing solution in the market


Supplier Benefits

  • Get real-time, online access to your client’s funding lines and interest rate
  • Improve working capital without accruing new debt
  • Lower funding costs and improve profits
  • Remove financial constraints to growth
  • Eliminate the risk of buyer default
  • Strengthen your balance sheet and improve covenants


Funder Benefits

  • Get access to new customers over a world-class, ready-to-use supply chain finance solution
  • Leverage Addendum’s platform and footprint for an efficient and faster go-to-market supply chain finance strategy
  • Collaborate with an experienced partner – Addendum – who can help you to implement successful supply chain finance programs
  • Choose Addendum as your technology and implementation partner of choice for supply chain finance