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Debt Solutions
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An easy-to-use funding platform for counterparties looking to be brought together in the debt capital markets. Driven by efficiency, Funding Solutions restores the balance in the relationships between corporates and funders. Addendum’s simple platform connects a large community of diverse corporate issuers and institutional funders in the debt capital markets. This gives corporates unparalleled access to funding at a minimal cost with no upfront outlay required.

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from Addendum.


Access listed debt instruments on the expanded Addendum Marketplace. This fixed income bulletin board aims to help improve transparency and liquidity in the fixed income secondary market. Addendum Marketplace is not limited to existing Funding Solutions clients but welcomes all sophisticated institutional funders who want to participate in primary or secondary debt transactions.

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Funding Solutions from Addendum

A global award-winning funding solution

Addendum provides financial technology solutions to companies and funders and aims to become the benchmark for best execution in our targeted markets. Our fintech solutions are capable of unlocking capital and funding for businesses of all sizes. We have designed real-time, online solutions that make markets transparent and products simple and seamless to execute.

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Addendum Marketplace Update 2023

It has been a productive year for our Marketplace team. Since the beginning of the 2023, marked by our inaugural Marketplace Roadmap Event in January, we've made significant improvements in both our platform technology and business model. These efforts have resulted...

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Commemorating Women’s Month at Addendum

August is Women’s Month in South Africa. As with many countries around the world, the aim of Women’s Month is to raise awareness of the daily challenges women face, to promote gender equality, and to encourage women to dream big and then realise those dreams for...

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COVID 19’s acceleration of Digital Transformation

As South African businesses emerge from the pandemic, Addendum reflects on its evolution over the past 24 months. The Funding Solutions business grew substantially during this time, and we identified key factors and market trends that impacted our business trajectory...

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Addendum provides supply chain finance and funding solutions to companies and funders in Africa. Please contact us for more information about how we can unlock value for your business.