The whole fixed income market engaging on one platform?

Consider it possible.

Access listed debt instruments on the expanded Addendum Marketplace.

This fixed income bulletin board aims to help improve transparency and liquidity in the fixed income secondary market. Addendum Marketplace is not limited to existing Funding Solutions clients but welcomes all sophisticated institutional funders who want to participate in primary or secondary debt transactions.

The transparency this new offering on the platform brings enables users (banks, asset managers and life insurers) to easily assess and negotiate a diverse list of opportunities across both the primary and secondary fixed income markets. By combining both markets, should a user not be able to find an asset that meets their needs in the secondary market, they can still reverse enquire with any of the corporate issuers through the primary platform.

Why should funders use Addendum Marketplace?
  • Utilise a single sign-on to the Funding Solutions Platform to access both the Marketplace and Debt Solutions products.
  • Gain access to a variety of listed and unlisted debt instruments on one centralised bulletin board.
  • Join a diverse network of market participants and reach everyone at once.
  • Receive real-time notifications when new debt instruments are added to the platform.
  • Access multiple quotes and meet a range of potential buyers to negotiate and discuss key terms. 
  • Transact only if the price works; with no commitment to trade otherwise.
  • Receive summarised platform trading activity; with daily mark to market valuations coming soon.

Addendum Marketplace solves key challenges faced by our local market around liquidity, price discovery and ease of execution.

Accessing Marketplace

Existing funders that have previously selected the Debt Solutions product can add the Marketplace product to their profile by reviewing the Fee Supplement and ticking the box next to Marketplace. All Marketplace functionalities will immediately become available to the funder. New users interested in accessing these benefits can contact us here.


About Addendum

Addendum provides Supply Chain Finance and Funding Solutions to companies and funders in Africa. Our fintech solutions are capable of unlocking capital and funding for businesses of all sizes. We have designed real-time, online solutions that make markets transparent and products simple and seamless to execute.

Where others saw a barricaded, antiquated machine, we saw possibility. With transparency, convenience and choice as founding principles, Addendum puts you in charge. We believe that a small change to your business strategy – an addendum – can open a world of potential for your business.

Please contact us for more information about how we can unlock value for your business.